Satta King Gali Disawar Jodi Aaj ki Andar Bahar


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Play Andar Bahar at Andar Bahar Gam and Win Big!

Andar Bahar- the Indian classic card game is loved by many, including the casino enthusiasts at Andar Bahar Gam. If you love action and betting that can easily turn a few rupees into lakhs, playing the Andar Bahar game at our online casino is the right choice!

To maximize your gambling experience, we recommend playing Andar Bahar online for cash. You can place real-money bets for as low as Rs. 10 and as high as Rs. 1, 00,000 on our casino gaming platform. You will win real cash prizes, if your bet wins. Not to mention, we offer the most convenient, secure, and safe payment methods, such as Paytm, e-wallets, and Google Pay, to make deposits and withdraw winnings.

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The Live Dealer You Had Always Wanted!

If you have played Andar Bahar King with family and friends during Diwali or Holi, you may have chosen the Joker card once or twice. However, when playing live online Andar Bahar on our platform, the live dealer always draws the joker and places it on the table.

We have two types of Andar Bahar, one virtual RNG version and the other live casino version played with a real live dealer. Our RNG table is completely digital, with the cards being dealt with using a random number generator instead of a dealer.

The game aims to win more chips than the other players, and you must prevent the other players from winning by capturing their pieces with your piece. If you capture the opponent’s piece without them capturing yours, the opponent loses it permanently.

Andar Bahar Online Game Bonuses from Us

One reason gamblers worldwide choose us to play Andar Bahar online game is that we value our users. Our platform features a huge collection of bonuses for new and existing players. While there’s a generous welcome offer for those registering with us, our regular or existing players can benefit from loyalty and cashback programs. We guarantee you will enjoy playing Andar Bahar at our online casino.

To play the Andar Bahar game online, you must have the best payment options and an array of game variations. We have been meeting these requirements in the best way! Contact us now to enjoy our Andar Bahar bonuses and promotions that help you win more and deposit less!


To play the game, you must make a bet on either Andar or Bahar. Only then does the middle card get dealt. Next, the cards are dealt interchangeably on Andar and Bahar, and the turn ends when the card with the same value as the middle gets dealt on either Andar or Bahar.

Yes, Andar Bahar is a game of chance where you place bets on different piles called Andar and Bahar.

It is played between the dealer and one or more players who deal the cards to them. Players observe the deal in the online Andar Bahar real money game, place their bets and win cash prizes.